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Criminal Defense Attorney Oakland County MI

Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney in Oakland County MI

Criminal Defense Attorney Hilf & Hilf, PLC provides effective representation for those in Oakland County who have been charged with criminal offenses. We are conveniently located near Somerset Mall at 1775 W. Big Beaver Road in Troy, Michigan  48084, and regularly appear in all Oakland County District Courts and the 6th Circuit Court.  

 A criminal charge can follow you for a lifetime. It can negatively affect employment, a career, credit, immigration status, and ruin relationships. When your reputation and freedom are at stake, Hilf & Hilf, PLC provides the legal representation you need to move forward with your life.

Why Choose Hilf & Hilf, PLC For Legal Representation in Oakland County Michigan?
  • Award winning lawyers with many years of experience
  • Trial tested attorneys, who are respected by Judges, prosecutors, and the defense bar
  • A professional, fully staffed, office
  • No procrastination with your issues
  • Prompt return of telephone calls, text messages, and emails
  • Cases are not "farmed out" or assigned to other lawyers
  • Dedicated Attorneys that care about their clients.
A Persistent and Strong Defense

Attorney Daniel Hilf has completed over 100 jury trials in his careers, and represented over 10,000 individuals in criminal courts.  He has the right combination of talent, legal acumen, and experience to handle both complex and simple legal issues.  Having the right lawyer on your side may make a difference in the result you obtain.  The smart decision is to not take chances, and to hire a lawyer with a verifiable, proven track record.

Criminal defense lawyer Daniel Hilf provides outstanding, reliable legal assistance for all criminal charges, including: felony, misdemeanor, Federal, local ordinance, and tickets.  Notably, Attorney Hilf represents individuals on a regular basis concerning the following criminal related issues:

For any court related criminal matter, contact us immediately.