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Criminal Defense Attorney Facing a criminal charge requires obtaining a top rated, experienced legal professional.  You need someone with the ability and dedication to fight for you and defend you.  You need someone on your side and someone who will take immediate action on your behalf.  

All criminal related charges that are alleged to have occurred in Royal Oak start at the 44th District Court at 400 East 11 Mile Road in Royal Oak, Michigan.  Felony charges are transferred to the 6th Circuit Court in Pontiac if a finding of probable cause is made by a Judge.  

A criminal conviction can carry a lifetime of consequences, outside of the potential loss of freedom.  Depending upon your circumstances the potential consequences can include: financial issues, driver's license issues, deportation (if you are not a United Staes citizen), damage to reputation and personal relationships, and employment related issues.  When it comes to your future, don't take chances and hire an effective, persuasive lawyer.

Why Choose Hilf & Hilf, PLC For Legal Representation in Royal Oak?
  • Solid, reputable, respected lawyers with extensive courtroom experience
  • A dedicated support staff and professional office
  • No unnecessary delay.  Immediate steps taken on your behalf
  • Phone calls, emails, and text messages are returned
  • Reduces stress by having the confidence you hired the right law firm
  • We care about you, and will make our best effort to obtain a great result.
The Right Legal Strategy & The Right Legal Experience

Attorney Daniel Hilf has the right combination of legal acumen, professional experience, litigation ability, and reputation to help you with any ticket, local ordinance violation, misdemeanor, or felony.  Having a lawyer such as Daniel Hilf in your corner to give your case the personal attention it deserves is critical, because he is driven by the results you obtain.  Do not delay, and contact him today at 248-792-2590.

Top rated criminal defense attorney Daniel Hilf provides strong legal representation for all court matters, including: