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Criminal Defense AttorneyIf you are currently facing criminal accusations or dealing with a ticket in Farmington Michigan, do not go to Court without proper legal representation.  Your future could be severely impacted if you choose to go it alone, or with inexperienced legal counsel, against Judges, experienced prosecutors, police officers, detectives, and the overwhelming money and resources of the criminal justice system.  Great results are the bottom line when it comes to Court.  Having legal representation who knows how to litigate, that does not back down when going head to head against prosecutors, and who immediately rolls up his sleeves to get the job done is exactly what you need from your criminal attorney.  Your best opportunity of getting a great result is to have a well respected, talented lawyer with the skills to provide a proper defense, and who knows how to mount an offense when necessary.  Your best recommendation is to retain attorney Daniel Hilf of Hilf & Hilf, PLC to help you with your legal predicament.

Farmington Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney Fighting To Defend You

In the high stakes contested arena of criminal litigation, there is no room for bad advice, errors, or anything short of professional level legal representation.  You deserve to be treated only with dignity, compassion, and respect.  Attorney Daniel Hilf's commitment to his clients is to provide a full defense, and not to judge or cast dispersions.  Attorney Hilf's purpose is to offer solid advice and sound legal strategy to help accused individuals overcome the allegation which they are facing.  Attorney Hilf keeps his client's confidences secret and secrets confidential, and uses the information garnered to construct a well reasoned defense.

Falsely Accused of a Crime or Overcharged in Farmington Michigan?  We Can Help.

A false accusation of a crime isn't something that is rare, and unfortunately it is all too common.  Having a innocent client actually turns the Defendant into the victim, which the justice system will victimize further by the legal process.  Everyday in courthouses across the nation innocent persons are prosecuted for a variety of reasons, including: prejudice and bias; wrong assumptions; blatant lies and deception; mistakes made by police officers; persons targeted by police officers based upon prior history; and violations of Constitutional rights.  Police officers and detectives jump to conclusions about certain individuals and situations, and sometimes will fashion their investigations to fit a preconceived notion in disregard of neutrality and impartiality.   Attorney Daniel Hilf makes a vow to work against the possibility of a false conviction by devoting many hours, investigation, and resources to his client's case.

"Overcharging" is also a wide spread problem in our justice system.  Overcharging means that the prosecution alleges someone committed a more serious crime than what actually happened.  For example, a person possessing marijuana might be accused of intending to deliver marijuana based upon the fact that he was found with several separate baggies.  The philosophy of many prosecutors is that if they have a plausible argument, it is up to a jury to decide if it's true.  Winning in a courtroom sometimes means avoiding the more serious charge, even if it means a conviction to a lessor charge.  

There are some cases that need to be resolved without a trial.  Even a case that is not winnable still can lead to a great result with strong, dedicated legal representation.

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You are encouraged to thoroughly vet and research your attorney, and decide from all available information, the lawyer who will provide the best representation.  Your research will conclude that Oakland county lawyer Daniel Hilf has thousands of happy clients, with over 20 years of award winning criminal defense experience, and over 100 completed jury trials.

Have you been charged with a crime, received a ticket or summons, or otherwise have to go to the 47th District Court in Farmington Hills the 6th Circuit Court in Pontiac, or some other Michigan Court? Reduce your worry and anxiety by hiring attorney Daniel Hilf to handle your case.  Call to discuss payment plans or arrangements.  Hilf & Hilf, PLC conveniently accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, cash, check, money order, or wire transfer, and payment even can be made online through this website.  

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