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Criminal Defense Attorney If you do not know where to turn because you are facing a criminal  offense in Grosse Pointe Michigan, attorney Daniel Hilf is the lawyer you need to meet.    Attorney Hilf provides stellar legal representation to clients in Municipal Courts in any of the Grosse Pointes:  Grosse Pointe, Grosse Pointe Farms, Grosse Pointe Shores, Grosse Pointe Park, and Grosse Pointe Woods.  When your future is in doubt due to a criminal case it is important to have the right lawyer when going against the tactics of police officers, detectives, and prosecutors and the almost limitless resources of the criminal justice system.  With Municipal Court cases, the results are what matter the most.  Having a lawyer who knows his way around a courtroom, who does not fall prey to the pressure tactics of prosecutors and Judges, giving you the confidence that he is looking for for every possible advantage for you, is without a doubt the right lawyer to represent you.  Reclaim your life and your future by contacting attorney Daniel Hilf.

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When it comes to criminal justice cases there is no place for a lawyer who offers for wrong advice, who makes careless mistakes, and who has poor client communication.   Professional and respectful legal representation is so much less stressful than having a lawyer who makes empty promises and who you can never reach.  Fighting prosecutors and your lawyer at the same time is a no win situation, and not recommended.  Legal advocate Daniel Hilf's goal is to fairly, justly, and effectively defend clients.  Lawyer Daniel Hilf always has his client's best interests in mind, and works diligently and zealously to prevent the legal system from having its way with clients.

False Criminal Accusation or Overcharged by Prosecutors in Grosse Pointe?  Attorney Hilf Can Assist You

False accusations often turns a victim into a "Defendant", which is a great injustice.  The greatest injustice is, of course, a wrongful conviction.  Unfortunately, accepted methods of law enforcement and the criminal justice system have flaws that from time to time captures innocent people.  The reasons behind wrongful accusations are far and wide, which include: misguided assumptions; prejudiced and biased witnesses; lies and deception; the purposeful targeting of individuals by police officers (the usual suspects); mistakes made by police officers and eyewitnesses; violations of Constitutional rights; and jumping to false conclusions.  Law enforcement often have an "us against them" mentality, and build criminal cases with that mentality in mind.  The risk of this type of mentality is that it is sometimes the innocent are lumped in with the guilty.  Lawyer Daniel Hilf pledges to represent his clients with a results oriented approach, working many long hours to strive for the best results.

Overcharging is another negative aspect of our criminal justice system.  Overcharging happens when the prosecutor makes a decision to bring more serious charges than what the Defendant deserves.  For example, a person who intended to recreationally use heroin sometimes are charged by prosecutors with the intent to distribute heroin based upon factors such as the quantity possessed, the amount of money on the Defendant's person when arrested, and lack of drug paraphernalia. In some cases the goal of the defense is to guard against an overcharged, inflated accusation, by advocating for the appropriate lessor charge.

Compassionate legal representation, protection of clients' rights, persuasive advocacy, compassion, and a results driven approach to defending cases all play large roles in the legal defense employed by attorney Daniel Hilf.  He is available to take on new cases, and is willing to discuss your case with you.

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Do you have to go to a Municipal Court, a Wayne County District Court, Frank Murphy, Federal Court, or any other Michigan Court?  Hilf & Hilf, PLC attorney Daniel Hilf is available for retention to work for your best defense.   You are encouraged to thoroughly look into the legal accomplishments and credentials of the attorney who you are interested in hiring.  The legal credentials of attorney Daniel Hilf include: over 20 years of licensed Michigan representation; over 100 jury trials (many successful) in the defense of both petty and serious criminal accusations; a long list of extremely satisfied current and former clients; national awards for criminal defense advocacy.

It is time to think positively, and accept the fact that you deserve a top tier lawyer.  Payment plans are offered in many instances, which in many cases puts the goal of engaging the services of top tier attorney Daniel Hilf within reach.  Hilf & Hilf, PLC all accepts all accepted forms of payment, including all major credit cards, debit cards, money order, cash, wire transfer, and check.

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