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Criminal Defense AttorneyIf you are have a court date in Royal Oak Michigan at the 44th District Court  or another Oakland County court for a criminal charge, make sure that you have an experienced criminal lawyer defending you.  When your  way of life is on the line due to the criminal justice system, it is recommended that you have a highly rated criminal lawyer when you are opposed by officers and detectives from the Royal Oak Police Department, the Oakland County Sheriff's Department, assistant Oakland County prosecutors, Royal Oak city attorneys, Judges, and the endlessly deep resources of the criminal justice system.   Having a sharp lawyer with strong legal acumen, who thinks on his feet, who does not fold under the pressure, who possesses years of criminal litigation experience, with a highly regarded reputation in the legal community, that will fight for you, is what you need from your legal counsel.  Turn the tide against your stressful court case by engaging the services of criminal defense attorney Daniel Hilf.

Retain a 44th District Court Lawyer To Handle Your Case in Royal Oak

When it comes to the defense of criminal cases there is no place for poor legal advice, mistakes, ignored client communications, or anything short of zealous legal representation.  Attorney Daniel Hilf's commitment is to aggressively defend clients and to assert well tailored litigation strategies, no matter if the accusation will go to trial or if it will be resolve through a plea.  Lawyer Daniel Hilf is a respected Michigan attorney, trusted by clients and other lawyers alike, because he actually fights against injustice.  Attorney Hilf's local criminal defense practice is a benefit to clients, because in addition to his litigation prowess, he is familiar with the philosophies and psychology of the Judges, assistant Oakland County prosecutors, and Royal Oak city attorneys and tailors his defense approach based upon the facts and circumstances of each individual case.

False Criminal Charge or Overcharged in Royal Oak?  Hire Attorney Hilf

A very damaging aspect of "criminal justice" are false allegations that sometimes arise, undermining our system of justice and cruelly treating victims and others as criminals.  A number of factors can lead to wrongful arrests, including: deception; assumptions that are misguided or wrong; persons that are purposely targeted by police officers due to a prior record (rounding up the "usual suspects" mentality); lies; mistakes made by police officers and/or eyewitnesses; prejudice; violations of Constitutional rights, bias; police officers jumping to false conclusions; etc., etc.  Police officers and detectives are not neutral, and want to question someone that is accused of a crime in order to attempt to build a case.  Sometimes police officers and detectives decisions to seek a warrant are based on intuition, speculation, hunches, and the need to pick a side when confronted with 2 or more opposing stories.  This police officer mentality can sometimes lead to the prosecution of the innocent.  Oakland County criminal defense attorney Daniel Hilf's solemn duty to his clients is to fight against these types of injustices.

Overcharging is a common issue in courtrooms across the United States.  Overcharging occurs when a prosecutor makes a decision to prosecute an individual for a more serious charge and pushes the legal envelope to gain such a conviction.  In some cases involving with overcharging by a prosecutor, the best result is gaining a conviction based upon the actual, and not overcharged, conduct.  In other cases, litigating for acquittal is the proper result.  The defense strategy used by your lawyer should be individualized and tailored to the Defendant and the facts behind the case.

Client And Lawyer Referred Oakland County Attorney Here To Defend You

Do you have to go to court in Royal Oak or anywhere else in Michigan due to an arrest?  Michigan criminal defense lawyer Daniel Hilf offers you grade A criminal defense representation if retained.   Michigan criminal lawyer Daniel Hilf's office is a short drive from Royal Oak and the Hilf & Hilf, PLC office is conveniently located in Troy at 3155 W Big Beaver Rd #123 (between Crooks Road and Coolidge Highway, on the south [eastbound traffic] side of W Big Beaver Road).

Before you hire legal counsel, make sure you know his or her background to defend you.  Your background search of Michigan criminal defense lawyer Daniel Hilf will uncover: 

  • Twenty plus years of legal experience
  • Handles all criminal law issues
  • Strong litigation skills
  • A top quality office environment in Troy, Michigan
  • Immediate steps taken for you
  • Responsive to your questions and calls
  • Personal attention provided to you
  • A lawyer that cares about his clients and results

Compassionate legal representation, properly defending clients, well explored defenses, placing the case in the correct light, informing clients as to their case status and nature of the allegations, and fighting for the right result all play key roles in criminal attorney Daniel Hilf's defense work.  When you truly have a well regarded and passionate attorney on your side, it may make all the difference in the world.  Do not settle for lawyers who claims to do more than what they are able. Hiring a professional criminal lawyer may be one of the most important decisions that you ever make, because sometimes in life you only have one chance to obtain the right result.

It is time to start removing negative thoughts and to start thinking positively about your defense.   Payment plans are available in many instances, when needed.  Attorney Hilf accepts  major credit card, cash, debit card, wire transfer, money order, cashier's check, personal check, giving you an assortment of payment options.

Top tier Royal Oak court attorney Daniel Hilf provides caring and professional legal representation for all criminal matters, including:

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