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Criminal Defense Lawyer Waterford MI

Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyer in Waterford

Criminal Defense Attorney Hilf & Hilf, PLC provides effective representation for those in Waterford, Oakland County, and throughout the Metro Detroit area who have been charged with criminal offenses.   Tickets and criminal cases that allegedly occur in Waterford are scheduled before the one of the two Judges at the 51st District Court.  Felony cases in Waterford continue from the 51st District Court to the 6th Circuit Court upon a finding of probable cause.  

A criminal charge must be addressed seriously because a conviction can follow you around for years. It can prevent you from living your life in the manner you want to.  When your liberty and freedom are at stake, attorney Daniel Hilf of Hilf & Hilf, PLC is the lawyer you need.

Why Choose Attorney Daniel Hilf For Legal Representation in Waterford?
  • 20 plus years of defending people
  • Immediate action taken to address the allegation
  • Returns all messages and calls
  • A professional office environment and dedicated staff
  • A lawyer that cares about you, your family, and your result
Strong Defense in Waterford Through A Lawyer with Extensive Courtroom Experience

Hiring the right lawyer may be one of the best investments you make in your future.  You and your family are too important to rely upon a lawyer that is inexperienced or who does not specialize in criminal defense.  Do not settle for a legal hack job from an amateur attorney.   Practicing law is a finely honed skill that develops over time.  Commitment, dedication, legal acumen, and experience are all qualities you need from your lawyer.  Make the smart decision and contact attorney Daniel Hilf.

Criminal defense attorney Daniel Hilf provides legal assistance for all tickets, misdemeanors, ordinance violations, felonies, and probation violations in and near Waterford.  He is noted for his legal representation in the following areas:

Successful Cases

"Dan is a true lawyer’s lawyer. He began his legal career clerking for one of the toughest, most result-oriented trial hungry judges in Oakland County. You just cannot hold down that job without being highly intelligent and motivated. Since those years, I’ve noted that Dan Hilf is frequently in trial fighting for his clients. Judges respect him because he knows what he’s doing. In retaining his services, you will be sure to have your interests and liberties protected. I recommend Dan highly."


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