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Drug Offense Lawyer Warren MI

Skilled Drug Offense Lawyer in Warren

Criminal Defense AttorneyIn Warren and throughout Macomb county, Hilf & Hilf, PLC has a solid reputation when it comes to the defense of controlled substance related offenses.  No matter if your case is at the 37th District Court, the 16th Circuit Court, or any other court in Macomb county, Hilf & Hilf, PLC is available to help.  From simple possession cases to possession with intent to deliver to complex conspiracy allegations, contact us.

A drug conviction can create a lifetime of complications.  Besides possible incarceration, the driver's license sanctions, employment issues, and damage to your relationships can prove long lasting.  When your freedom and future are at stake, you need dedicated legal representation from a lawyer who knows his way around a court room.  Attorney Daniel Hilf of Hilf & Hilf, PLC is your best bet when it comes to a drug or marijuana defense.

Why Choose Attorney Daniel  For Controlled Substance Defense Representation in Warren?
  • Twenty plus years of experience defending criminal cases in Warren, Michigan, and the metro-Detroit area
  • Over 100 completed jury trials
  • Decades of satisfied clients
  • A professionally staffed, confidential office in Troy, Michigan
  • Immediate action when you need it the most
  • Answers questions, returns telephone calls, keeps you informed about your case status
  • Award winning legal representation from a respected lawyer
Strong Defense of Drug Delivery and Drug Possession Cases in Warren, Michigan From a Trusted Lawyer

A lawyer that specializes in drug charges is critical to your defense.  With the vast resources and investigative tools employed by the prosecution, you need help to try and level the playing field. When it comes to drug delivery cases, the prosecution is notoriously tough to bargain with, and also tough at trial. Make sure that you have a lawyer that has your back; a lawyer that has the skills and dedication to litigate all issues and to put up a formidable defense; a lawyer that knows that there are no shortcuts when it comes to the defense of a drug case.  Make the smart decision and contact attorney Daniel Hilf for your Warren, Michigan case.

Criminal defense attorney Daniel Hilf provides very capable, intelligent, and relentless legal defense for clients charged with:

If you have been charged with a crime in Warren and need legal help, contact us immediately.