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DUI LawyerFor a DUI or other drinking and driving case with court scheduled at the 37th District Court in Warren, Michigan, finding a top tier lawyer that specializes in the defense of all driving under the influence charges is key.   The severe and permanent consequences of a DUI conviction mean that you should not take chances with your legal counsel    If convicted, the Judges at the 37th District Court are not always predictable when it comes to sentencing for alcohol or drug related driving offenses.  Hiring an exceptional DUI attorney early into the case is important, because your lawyer needs time to construct a solid legal defense and comprehensive defense strategy on your behalf. 

Searching for a Top Rated Warren Michigan DUI Lawyer To Handle Your DUI?

Drinking and driving felony charges incur some of the toughest legal penalties in Michigan upon conviction.  With a DUI felony conviction in Macomb county there are non-negotiable sentence terms such as an Macomb county jail or a Michigan Department of Corrections sentence, hundreds of hours of community service work, intensive weekly substance and/or alcohol testing and treatment, fines and costs, and extensive probationary conditions (if you receive a jail sentence instead of prison).  If you are convicted by Judge, jury, or by pleading guilty to felony DUI, the Circuit Court Judge assigned to your case has some discretion to determine the length of time you serve (although there is a mandatory minimum of 30 days in jail or at least 1 year in prison for felony DUI 3rd Offense.  The Judge is also limited by the maximum sentence that the law allows).   Misdemeanor convictions for DUI also result in tough sentences. For a misdemeanor conviction for DUI your Judge has the discretion to order jail confinement, and a maximum of 2 years of probation with conditions. The Judge for any DUI conviction has no discretion over the driving penalty issued by the Michigan Secretary of State. Hence, the best way to address a pending DUI case is to hire a DUI attorney with the experience and expertise to properly defend you.

Top Level Macomb County DUI Defense Attorney Available To Represent You at 37th District Court and/or Macomb Circuit Court

The DUI lawyer at the 37th District Court that is recommended over and over by for DUI arrests in Warren Michigan is attorney Daniel Hilf of Hilf & Hilf, PLC.   Attorney Hilf is a seasoned lawyer with over 20 years experience defending DUI charges in Macomb county. Attorney Hilf is always accepting new DUI clients Warren Michigan, and is available for consultation and representation.  

Lawyer Daniel Hilf's relevant professional legal accomplishments include:

  • Nationally and Local Media Recognition (Aspatore Books, CW50, the Legal News, etc.)
  • Current Avvo Top Rated 10.0 Lawyer
  • Top 10 Attorney for the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys (2013)
  • Top 100 Trial Lawyer for the  National Trial Lawyers (2014)
  • Previous Guest Lecturer at the Oakland County Bar Association 

Attorney Hilf provides a comprehensive and thorough defense for DUI and all traffic tickets, including:

  • All drinking and driving cases in Macomb county.
  • All traffic civil ticket infractions (Careless driving, Speeding, Limited Access Speed, Improper Turn, etc.)
  • All misdemeanor traffic offenses (DUI, DWLS, Reckless driving, Open Intoxicants, Failure to Stop at Accident, etc.) 
  • All felony traffic offenses (DUI 3rd Offense, Flee/Elude Police, UDAA, Unlawful Use Automobile, etc.) 
The 37th District Court is located at 8300 Common Road in Warren Michigan (off of Van Dyke, across from the Warren Police department).  For felony drunk driving cases in Macomb county, if probable cause is found by a Judge or stipulated by the parties, the case is bound over to the 16th Circuit Court for trial or other resolution.  The 16th Circuit Court is located at 40 N. Main Street in the city of Mt. Clemens, Michigan 48043-5656.

Daniel Hilf of Hilf & Hilf, PLC has an office at 3155 W Big Beaver Rd #123 in the city of Troy, Michigan 48084.

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