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DUI Lawyer Clinton Township MI

Aggressive OUIL Lawyer in Clinton Township MI

DUI LawyerIf you are being prosecuted for OUI in Clinton Township Michigan and you need an outstanding attorney to represent you at the 41B District Court, contact attorney Daniel Hilf.  Attorney Hilf has a solid reputation for aggressively defending felony and misdemeanor OUIL offenses in Macomb county and the metro-Detroit area.  

A list of OUIL charges we handle include: Operating with High BAC Level (Super Drunk cases),  Zero Tolerance Violation (Under 21 With unlawful BAC), OWVI (Operating While Visibly Impaired), OWPD (Operating with the Presence of Drugs), OUIN (Operating under the influence of narcotics), OWI (Operating While Intoxicated), OWI 2nd Offense, OWI 3rd Offense, and OWI Causing Death or Serious Bodily Injury   

OUI convictions carry very stiff penalties due to laws enacted by the Michigan legislature.  Some OUIL convictions mandate the Judge to impose: jail or prison, community service hours, rehabilitation for alcohol and drugs, vehicle immobilization, and driver's license sanctions.  Other possible conditions of sentence that are common for a OUIL conviction are: probation with conditions, fines/costs, counseling, and drug and alcohol testing.  The Michigan Secretary of State, upon notification from the Court, will restrict, suspend, or revoke your driving privileges.  The laws are more restricted, and the penalties are higher, when a commercial vehicle is involved.

You need the help of an experienced lawyer if charged with OUI in Michigan.   With Hilf and Hilf, PLC in your corner,  you will have the confidence of knowing that you will be professionally represented.. 

Experienced OUI Lawyer in Clinton Township Michigan That You Can Count On

As a top OUI lawyer in the metro-Detroit area, Daniel Hilf is relied upon for his stellar advocacy.  Attorney Hilf's notable accreditations include:

  • National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys recognized attorney Hilf as 2013 Top 10 Attorney)
  • Represented over 100 individuals at jury trial
  • Attained Avvo's highest rating level - superb lawyer
  • Aspatore Books legal author  
  • National Trial Lawyers recognized attorney Hilf as 2014 Top 100 Trial Lawyer)
Top Tier Clinton Township Michigan OUI Lawyer

It’s important that you seek a respected, confident lawyer in Macomb county for any OUI offense.  Hilf & Hilf, PLC lawyer Daniel Hilf handles all traffic related misdemeanors and felonies, including.

  • OUI 
  • UDAA
  • Flee and Elude Police
  • Open Intoxicants in Motor Vehicle
  • Reckless Driving
  • DWLS 
  • No Operator's License on Person
  • Failure to Report Property Damage Accident

If you need a lawyer for any Clinton Township traffic charge, contact Hilf & Hilf today.