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DUI LawyerFor an OUI arrest in Lake Orion do you have a lawyer you are confident in?  For OUI cases in Oakland county it is recommended that you have top rated lawyer in your corner. Attorney Daniel Hilf provides outstanding, top notch legal representation for felony or misdemeanor OUI charges. Lake Orion OUI arrests lead to criminal charges at 52/3 District Court, which has jurisdiction over Lake Orion OUIL cases. The three Judges at the this Court all assume that the public was placed in danger with every OUI, and treat OUI offenses and convictions in a stringent manner.   Even without a conviction, it is not uncommon for a magistrate or Judge of the 52/3 District Court to impose conditions of bond that include drug and alcohol testing. Violations of bond conditions can lead to jail.

Attorney Daniel Hilf defends the following OUIL related cases in Oakland county:

  • OWI (Operating While Intoxicated, also known as DWI or OUI)
  • OWVI (Operating While Visibly Impaired)
  • Open Intoxicants in a Motor Vehicle
  • OWI Causing Death or Serious Injury
  • Zero Tolerance Violation (Under 21 years old with BAC over .02)
  • Super Drunk (Operating with BAC over .17)
  • OWI 2nd Offense 
  • OWI 3rd Offense (felony offense that carries a mandatory jail or prison sentence)
  • OWPD (Operating with the Presence of Drugs, also known as OUIN)

Searching for the Best Lake Orion Michigan OUI Legal Counsel To Represent You?

For felony OUI charges, there are mandatory sentencing conditions that are non-negotiable upon conviction that include jail or prison, an extreme number of community service hours, alcohol/substance counseling, and vehicle forfeiture or immobilization.  The Judge has some discretion in the amount that he or she imposes.  Felony and misdemeanor OUI convictions can lead to incarceration and/or probation with probationary conditions that are often determined based upon an alcohol assessment that is ordered upon conviction. When notified of an OUI related conviction, the Michigan Secretary of State, sends in the mail a notification of the applicable restriction, suspension, or revocation to driving privileges.  OUI convictions in Michigan are permanently affixed to your driving and criminal record.  It goes without saying that you need a real fighter for OUI legal representation.  

Top Tier Lake Orion OUI Representation Available For You

Attorney Daniel Hilf has the OUI defense ability that matters when it comes to the 52/3 District Court and other Oakland county courtrooms. 

Attorney Daniel Hilf has over twenty years DUI defense experience in Oakland county as a trial lawyer. Hilf & Hilf, PLC has an office that is conveniently located in Troy, Michigan. Attorney Daniel Hilf is the lawyer you can rely upon, and the lawyer you need, to deal with your OUIL case in the right manner.

If you need strong OUI legal representation in Lake Orion or Oakland county, contact Hilf & Hilf for representation.