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DUI LawyerFor OUI misdemeanor and felony charges with Court scheduled at the 51st District Court in Waterford Michigan, retaining a top tier attorney with experience defending OUI case is a wise decision.   The permanent, non-reversible sentencing results (both driving and criminal related) from a drinking and driving conviction should compel you to not go it alone in court.  For drunk driving cases, the Judges and magistrates serving at the 51st District Court are not always predictable when it comes to deciding upon bond and sentence conditions.  Your lawyer needs time to build a strong defense and construct a comprehensive defense strategy, so when it comes to finding a lawyer you should not wait. 

Searching to Retain an Experienced OUI Lawyer in Waterford Michigan To Defend You?

A conviction anywhere in Michigan for a OUI leads to some of the strictest legal penalties which is true even for someone without an OUI history.  With OUI felony convictions the stakes are even higher.  Felony OUI carries sentence conditions that are both mandatory and non-negotiable such as: either a jail or prison confinement.  For felony OUI sentences with probation you will also receive intensive help for alcohol and substance issues, an excessive amount of community service work, expensive fines and costs, and a long list of other probationary condition.    The maximum sentence for DUI 3rd Offense is 5 years, unless habitual sentencing applies. The minimum possible sentence for felony OUI is 30 days in jail or 1 year with the Michigan department of corrections.  

Misdemeanor OUI convictions can also result in intensive sentencing conditions. For a misdemeanor OUI sentence your assigned Judge has the discretion to order jail confinement and a maximum of 2 years of probation with strict, demanding probationary conditions.  

For all OUI convictions the Michigan Secretary of State will assess points and take action against your driving ability.  Depending upon your circumstances you will face either a restriction, suspension, and/or revocation of your driving privileges.  With the lack of public transportation in Michigan, this prospect is very daunting.  The best way to face any pending OUI case in Waterford or elsewhere is to not face it alone.  Hiring an experienced OUI attorney to properly and fully defend you, and following the advice of your lawyer, is a step in the right direction.

Top Rated Waterford OUI Attorney Available To Represent You at the 51st District Court and/or Oakland County Circuit Court

The OUI lawyer that is recommended over and over for OUI cases in Waterford is attorney Daniel Hilf.   Attorney Daniel Hilf is a well regarded and respected OUI lawyer with more than 20 years of experience handling these matters. Contact attorney Hilf immediate for any drinking and driving related case in Oakland county.  

Attorney Daniel Hilf's verifiable legal accomplishments include:

  • Local and National Media Recognition (Aspatore Books, the Legal News, CW50, etc.)
  • Assigned mentor to new lawyers in Oakland county
  • Previous Guest Lecturer at the Oakland County Bar Association
  • Capital level rated lawyer by Oakland County Circuit Court
  • Over 100 completed jury trials in Michigan
  • Avvo Top Rated 10.0 Lawyer
  • National Trial Lawyers (2014) Top 100 Trial Lawyer
  • National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys (2013) Top 10 Attorney

Attorney Hilf provides type of defense you need for traffic charges, including:

  • All drunk driving charges (OUI, OWI, OUIN, OWPD, etc.)
  • All misdemeanor traffic allegations  (OUI, DWLS, Reckless driving, Open Intoxicants, Failure to Stop at Accident, etc.) 
  • All felony traffic cases (OUI 3rd Offense, Flee and Elude the Police, Unlawful Use of an Automobile, etc.) 
  • All traffic tickets (Improper Turn, Failure to Yield, Speeding Accident tickets, etc.)
All traffic tickets and criminal charges in Waterford Michigan are litigated at the 51st District Court, which is located at 5100 Civic Center Drive in Waterford Michigan 48329.  OUI cases in Oakland county which are felonies begin at the 51st District Court.  If a determination of probable cause is found by a Judge after preliminary examination or by agreement of the prosecution and Defense, the case is "bound over"  to the Oakland County Circuit Court  for trial or other resolution short of trial. The Oakland County Circuit Court is located at 1200 N. Telegraph Road in the city of Pontiac, Michigan  48341.

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