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Reputable and Respected Felony Attorney in Ferndale MI

Criminal Defense AttorneyWhen charged with a felony offense, hiring a top tier criminal defense attorney is your best investment in the future.  The lifelong disadvantages of a felony record is much higher than the cost of hiring the most capable and dedicated lawyer to defend you in Court.  With the criminal defense of your felony charge, do not gamble on the outcome or count on having a second opportunity to present your strongest and most capable defense.  Appeals are seldom won in higher courts, and the complicated legal process involved with even trying to win your appeal is a time consuming, stressful, and expensive road to take.  Make the smart and prudent decision to have your case defended in the best possible way from the very beginning to the conclusion by hiring the legal services of attorney Daniel Hilf.

Hilf & Hilf, PLC attorney Daniel P. Hilf provides your defense personally, from start to finish, taking the time to comprehensively prepare you and your defense to contest all viable issues and battle against all adversity.  With a strong reputation and a history of over 20 years of fighting in the criminal defense trenches as a top caliber criminal defense attorney, attorney Hilf has seen and successfully defended a wide variety of criminal charges and legal issues.  Attorney Hilf will use his many years of knowledge, respected legal acumen, and proven litigation ability to empower your defense.  With the earned respect of prosecutors and attorneys throughout Michigan and the high regard of Judges, you know that your criminal defense is in the right hands with lawyer Daniel Hilf leading the way.

Types of Felony Cases Fully and Properly Defended by Attorney Daniel Hilf in Ferndale Michigan:

Crimes Against a Person: Armed Robbery; Assault with Intent to Murder (AWIM); Assault GBH; Attempted Murder; Bank Robbery; Carjacking; Child Abuse; Child Sexually Abusive Material (CSAM); Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC all degrees); Ethnic Intimidation; False Imprisonment; Felonious Assault (FA); Home Invasion (all degrees); Homicide; Kidnapping; Murder; Solicitation of Murder; Stalking; Unarmed Robbery; etc.

Crimes Against Property: Arson (all types); Breaking and Entering a Building; Counterfeiting (possession or manufacture); Embezzlement; False Pretenses; Food Stamp Fraud; Forgery; Larceny; Malicious Destruction of Property (MDOP); No Account Check; Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) Check; Posses Burglar's Tools; Retail Fraud (all degrees); Unlawful Use of Automobile; Uttering and Publishing; Welfare Fraud; etc.

Crimes Against Public Safety: Carrying a Concealed Weapon (CCW); Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm; Felony Firearm; Escape from Jail/prison; Flee/Elude Police; Impersonating Peace Officer; Operate While Intoxicated (OWI); etc.

Crimes Against Public Order: Animal Neglect/Cruelty/Attending Fight; Failure to Pay Child Support or Spousal Support; Failure to Register as Sex Offender; False Report of Felony; Gross Indecency; Keeping House of Prostitution (keeping a house of ill fame); Money Laundering; Odometer Tampering; Operate Chop Shop; Violation of Court Order - subsequent conviction; etc.

Crimes Against Public Trust: Bribery; Embezzlement (all types); Perjury; Weights and Measures Violations; etc.

Crimes Involving Alcohol and Drugs: Controlled Substances Possession (all types of controlled substances); Delivery of a Controlled Substance (all types of controlled substances); Marijuana offenses; Operate under Influence of Alcohol; Operate Under Influence of Drugs; etc.

A Comprehensive Defense From A Top Tier Ferndale Criminal Defense Lawyer Who Is Only A Telephone Call Away

One of the saddest potential result that happens frequently to many individuals is becoming a statistic of the criminal justice system.  Prosecutors are becoming more skilled and capable in their abilities and tactics of obtaining convictions, and are trained in a manner to press for maximum penalties from the Court.  Make sure you have an effective and caring attorney in your corner who will do everything within his ability so that you are not made an example of by an overzealous prosecutor or Judge, so you can put your stressful court experience behind you.  You do not have to plead guilty or become a bad court statistic due to having a lawyer that doesn't have your back.   Hire a criminal defense fighter, like lawyer Daniel Hilf, who works for you, to help you overcome obstacles, and who can get the job done.

No matter if your case is in Ferndale, the 43rd District Court, Oakland County Circuit Court, or any courtroom in Michigan, contact attorney Daniel Hilf  immediately.