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Criminal Defense Attorney Misdemeanor attorney Daniel Hilf has a pristine local reputation for providing caring, diligent legal representation in Oakland Michigan at the 52/3 District Court, other Oakland County District Courts, and Oakland County 6th Circuit Court. Misdemeanor convictions in Oakland County have serious long term results upon conviction, including loss of freedom loss of you good reputation in the community, loss of being able to fully pursue educational opportunities, loss of potential employment advancement, and impact to your future life plans.  With a misdemeanor charge looming you should never delay in immediately obtaining zealous legal representation from an in demand misdemeanor lawyer.

Misdemeanor Legal Representation from an Oakland Michigan Client Preferred Criminal Defense Lawyer

Misdemeanors are based and pursued upon alleged violations of local ordinance laws, Michigan State law statutes, and the laws of the United States (Federal laws).  Commonly charged misdemeanor offenses in Oakland Michigan include (but are not limited to): DWLS (Driving While License Suspend/Revoked/ or Denied), drinking and driving (OUI, DUI, Super drunk, etc.), disorderly person, possession of drug paraphernalia, assault and battery, domestic violence, failure to stop at an accident, and retail fraud.

For most misdemeanor convictions, the maximum amount of jail possible (which is dependent upon the nature of the conviction) is anywhere from 90 day to 365 days.  Only a very small number of misdemeanors have mandatory minimum sentencing; most misdemeanors do not force the Judge to order any amount of time in jail.  In many instances you can avoid jail, however the Judge assigned to your case is free to impose very strict, expensive, time consuming probationary conditions that may make your life miserable.  If you choose to disobey the Judge or the probation officer assigned to your case, the possible result may include a probation violation, additional jail, and/or even harsher probationary conditions.

In Michigan there are sometimes misdemeanor related consequences outside of your Judge's control if a conviction is entered, including: the loss of your ability to work in a hospital setting caring for patients (various assaultive, theft/stealing/fraud related, and drug crimes); loss of your hunting and fishing privileges (some DNR offenses); the loss and/or restrictions to your ability to legally drive an automobile (DUI/OWI related offenses and driving without a license related offenses); the inability to lawfully posses and/or purchase firearms (stalking, domestic violence); etc.  If you are not a US citizen you must proceed extremely cautiously, because a misdemeanor conviction can lead to severe immigration sanctions such as deportation, inadmissibility (inability to lawfully return to the United States if you ever leave the United States), immigration detention, and the inability to obtain waivers and other immigration relief.

For all misdemeanor offenses you can resolve the case through a guilty or no contest plea, or have a trial and contest the accusation.  Your rights for misdemeanor accusations include:

  • the right to have your lawyer handle your defense (if you choose to, and are able to, retain your own attorney) or to ask your Judge for a public defender (if you are determined to be without the financial ability to hire your legal representation);
  • due process of law (presumed innocent of any and all criminal offenses, contested trial in front of a jury (or in front of the Judge if the parties and the Judge agrees), right to fully and fairly cross examine all witnesses that testify against you, right to subpoena witnesses for your defense to testify in Court, prosecution has sole burden of proving its case against you beyond a reasonable doubt, right to remain silent and not have your silence used against you, right to testify and tell your side of the story, seek potential appellate review of your conviction).
If you are convicted, it will be up to your assigned Judge to decide upon a sentence.  Before the imposition of the sentence, the Judge will give you and your lawyer a chance to tell him or her anything you like that may lesson or mitigate the Judge's determination.

Misdemeanor Defense from a Respected Oakland Michigan Lawyer

The defense you assert only has real worth if your legal representative is fully invested in providing you with the best defense.  You can hope that luck when it relates to the quality of your legal representation, or take control of your life and seek a leading Oakland County defense lawyer, because your defense is only as strong as its weakest link. 

There are several pivotal questions that you should contemplate when choosing the best Oakland Michigan lawyer for your case:

  • Does my legal counsel that I am placing my trust in have many years of courtroom experience and success defending misdemeanor cases?;
  • Does my legal counsel that I am placing my trust in answer my questions and concerns in a well thought out manner?;
  • Does my legal counsel that I am placing my trust in have a solid reputation in the legal community and solid reviews?;
  • Does my legal counsel that I am placing my trust in have legal acumen, jury trial experience, and the ability to push for the best possible results?;
  • Does my legal counsel that I am placing my trust in make payment arrangements to help me afford the lawyer's services, or accept credit card and debit card payments?;
  • Does my legal counsel that I am placing my trust in have a professional local office where I can confidentially discuss my concerns?
  • Does my legal counsel that I am placing my trust in appear before my Judge on a regular basis?

The answer all of these questions is a resounding "yes" if you make the smart decision to hire Oakland Michigan misdemeanor defense counsel Daniel Hilf.  You do not need to settle for a second rate lawyer who just goes through the motions to provide the bare minimum defense, or an attorney that you do not fully and completely trust to provide you with the strongest defense.  Being on top of his game, clever, legally talented, experienced, sharp, well respected, and intelligent are all applicable descriptive terms for lawyer Daniel Hilf and his legal defense work.  

Daniel Hilf, is the Oakland Michigan lawyer you can count on for all misdemeanor charges, including:

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor crime in Oakland Michigan, contact us immediately for your best defense.