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Leading Retail Fraud Attorney in Waterford

Criminal Defense Attorney Hilf & Hilf, PLC provides effective representation for those in Waterford and throughout Oakland county who have been charged with retail fraud and other theft related accusations. A theft charge such as shoplifting can impact your life for years by affecting employment and career opportunities, damaging your reputation, and otherwise preventing you to live life as you want to. When your liberty and freedom are at stake, you need sound legal advice, a well thought out defense strategy, and aggressive representation from a lawyer that specializes in defending retail fraud and similar charges.

Why Choose Daniel Hilf as Your Retail Fraud Defense Lawyer in Waterford?
  • Over twenty years defending shoplifting cases in Oakland county
  • Previous experience defending shoplifting cases at the 51st District Court, the 6th Circuit Court, and throughout Michigan
  • A professional office where a consultation can be scheduled with short notice at our Troy, Michigan office
  • Immediate steps taken to help you, when hired
  • Return of telephone calls and answers to your questions
  • Personal attention given to you from a lawyer that cares about you and your outcome
Have a Powerful Retail Fraud Lawyer in Waterford On Your Side

You deserve solid and thorough legal representation at the 51st District Court, the 6th Circuit Court, or wherever you stand accused.  Do not settle for a lawyer that is all talk and no action. Hire a seasoned litigator with the expertise to defend your shoplifting charge.  Defending shoplifting is a skill set that develops over time with litigation experience, legal acumen, and the drive to handle your case in the right manner. Hilf & Hilf, PLC understands that hiring the right criminal defense lawyer is one of your most important decisions.  Place your trust in us!

Hilf & Hilf, PLC criminal defense specialist Daniel Hilf provides outstanding legal assistance for:

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