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Sufen's Results: VJ says:

“Ms. Sufen Hilf is an efficient, thorough, prompt and effective attorney. She has made the horrible immigration situation more bearable and has never given up in my case ever when the situation seemed impossible to resolve. I truly recommend Ms. Hilf in any immigration case”.

Maria says:

“Finally, finally, finally, my waiting is over. Case approved!!!...For anyone living in Michigan and needs help with an immigration issue, I recommend Sufen Hilf. She is an experienced attorney with a history of family petition cases”.

Laura says:

"I've been through quite a few attorney, but Mrs. Sufen Hilf is by far the best. She is very knowledgeable and has made the process easier to deal with and understand. She is sharp, intelligent, honest, and most of all trustworthy, not to add she responds very quickly. I would definitely recommend this attorney to anyone".

Ana says:

"Attorney Sufen Hilf helped my family and I at the time we needed help the most. Our family is grateful for her work, patience, and skill. Without Sufen's help we would not be together today. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants their case handled efficiently and with great results".

Guangchun says:

“To Sufen. First of all, thanks for your unremitting & constant effort for your clients who are in different tough situations. You have the best solutions only next to Obama. Your superior skills, brilliant brain, high efficiency, excellent judgment in pursuit of truth have made you well known as the best immigration attorney in metro Detroit are by words of mouth of your loyal clients whom you have helped out of the shadows in their lives. I wish you keep it up and make greater success in the future”.

Thomas says:

“After interviewing many lawyers for my complex immigration case, Sufen was the only one that made me comfortable in taking my case. I was almost deported, but Sufen and her staff searched for every piece of evidence to find that I was an American citizen. She also gave her own time to talk when I needed to. My family and I thank her for the service she has provided. She has shown that she is more than just a lawyer”.

Brendan says:

"Sufen is a skilled attorney specializing in immigration. I have consulted with her concerning immigration matters and I am very satisfied with her work. Her service fee is reasonable too. I recommend anyone who has immigration questions to consult her”.

Khurram says:

“I highly recommend Sufen to anybody who needs help in immigration cases. I used to hire over 5 attorneys for my complicated cases. With huge attorney fees spent, none of them solved my issue until I met Sufen, the #1 attorney in the metro Detroit area. She has a depth of knowledge, great communication skills, outstanding court experience, and more important, she has the unique observation and accurate judgment. I really appreciate her strong capacity in solving my cases that have lingered on my mind for over 10 years so I can live out of the shadows and feel happy and proud to enjoy life again. She is the right attorney who can find you a right and quick answer. Two thumbs up for her”.

Irina says:

“I recommend Ms. Sufen Hilf to anyone who needs help with immigration issues. I hired Sufen to handle my case when I have given up on other lawyers I previously hired. My wife petitioned and we filed I485/I130 concurrent with the USCIS. The first attorney who prepared the forms did a very poor job. This resulted in a lengthy delay for over 2 and ½ years before we hired Sufen. She was patient and understanding though I have a strong accent. She charged us a reasonable amount in handling the case and she never gave up. She was always ready to discuss my case with any update whenever I call. She was able to determine the cause of the delay within 3 weeks and within 3 months I got my green card. My family is happy and I thank Sufen for the good job”.

Todd says:

“I endorse this lawyer’s work. Sufen Hilf is a very competent attorney with a lot of experience. She is very diligent in trying to obtain the best possible outcome for her clients. Hiring Sufen Hilf for an immigration issue is a “no brainer””.

Loren says:

“Sufen Hilf is the smartest, most persistent and diligent immigration lawyer I’ve had the pleasure to work with. She constantly has provided my clients with reliable advice and counsel. She is also one of the hardest working attorneys I’ve ever seen. When a person calls me with an immigration issue I know if I have them call Sufen Hilf, they will get the best legal representation possible. She cares deeply about each client and is well respected in the legal community. She is an amazing lawyer”.

Randall says:

“Sufen is one of the finest immigration lawyers in the area. She cares about her clients and works harder than most at achieving the best possible results. She is a real fighter for her clients”.

Daniel says:

“My clients are always appreciative for referring them to her for immigration help. Many attorneys that practice immigration law do not know what they are doing. Sufen often gets hired to fix other attorney’s mistakes. She frequently represents people from throughout the United States because she can be trusted and she gets results that many others cannot. You will be glad that you hired her”.

Christopher says:

"Sufen was instrumental with helping my Australian wife immigrate to the US. We would have struggled mightily to work through it without Sufen's expertise and wise counsel".

Elizabeth says:

"All my clients who had worked with Sufen are very happy with her services and the results. She is personable and Professional".

B.D. (Anil) says:

"She is a great attorney and very nice personality. Good luck to Sufen".

Daniel's Results: Randy says:

“I endorse this lawyer’s work. He is one of the top lawyers in the community. He cares about his clients, works hard on their behalf, and you couldn’t have a better lawyer representing you. The results that he achieves for his clients says it all”.

Barton says:

“Dan Hilf is one of the hardest working and intelligent criminal defense attorneys in metro Detroit. He cares a lot about each client and it shows”.

Mark says:

“Daniel, You told me you would work hard on my case and you were right. You gave me a second chance. I can’t thank you enough. Tell your family I said hello”.

John says:

“Daniel Hilf helped me get my license back after SOS denied my request. He stood by my side through 2 different court appearances and did what my previous lawyer was unable to do – prove the facts!”.

Dave says:

“Dan is the best. He represented me on a criminal case in Oakland County Circuit Court. He fought from the start of the case until he won at trial. He is smart and fearless. I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a great lawyer”.

Loren says:

“Dan Hilf is one of the top criminal defense lawyers in the State of Michigan. He has a reputation for being one of the most effective, aggressive, honest and passionate lawyers in the community. I’ve seen Mr. Hilf take cases to trial that were impossible to win and watched him get a NOT GUILTY verdict for his client and I’ve seen him achieve plea bargains for clients that other lawyers just would not have known how to get. Any client who is fortunate enough to have Dan Hilf as their attorney is truly in very good hands. I do not hesitate to put my reputation behind Dan Hilf”.

T.K. says:

“I endorse this lawyer’s work. Mr. Hilf is a very competent and knowledgeable attorney with a lot of experience. He always works hard for his clients in order to obtain the best possible outcome. You can’t go wrong if you hire Mr. Hilf”.

Steven says:

“This first thing that comes to mind when I think of Daniel Hilf – he is restless. He will not stop until his clients receive fairness and justice. Daniel fights for people and gives them a voice. He will go to bat for people, not for a paycheck, but to stand up for the “little guy”. I recommend Daniel Hilf, as I know personally he is a great defense and immigration attorney”.

Todd says:

“Dan is a dedicated attorney. I know him to be zealous and well respected”.

Timothy says:

“Dan is a true lawyer’s lawyer. He began his legal career clerking for one of the toughest, most result-oriented trial hungry Judges in Oakland County. You just cannot hold down that job without being highly intelligent and motivated. Since those years, I’ve noted that Dan Hilf is frequently in trial fighting for his clients. Judges respect him because he knows what he’s doing. In retaining his services, you will be sure to have your interests and liberties protected. I recommend Dan highly”.

Michael says:

I have known Mr. Hilf for several years and have always found his commitment to his clients as unwavering. His professionalism in and out of the courtroom is superior and the pursuit of his client’s interests is well respected by his peers”.

Sufen says:

“Daniel is the best trial lawyer I have known. He cares about his clients and always fights for the best results for his clients in the Courts. He prepares his clients and witnesses thoroughly before Court hearing dates/trials, and studies all the reports in detail. He is a fighter for all his clients in Courts. He has won numerous jury trials in his career”.

Chris says:

"The attorney really knows his stuff. The Judge was impressed and so was I!!! I hope I don't need him again, but I keep his business card in my wallet just in case".

Barbara says:

"We were trying to help my son who got in trouble and has a green card. My husband hired Mr. and Mrs. Hilf to help us and they did a wonderful job. The criminal charge was dismissed after he went to Court. I am not worried about my grand babies now that everything worked out so good for my son. God bless them".

Vincent says:

"My nephew would be in prison now if not for Mr. Hilf. Thanks to Mr. Hilf my whole family will be together for the holidays like we should be. I recommend you hire him".

Valerie says:

"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hilf, I wish you and your family a blessed and merry holiday. I am thankful for all the help this past year from Mr. Hilf. I wish the best for your family and keep you all in my prayers of thanksgiving".

Steven says:

"I am honored to be one of many lawyers endorsing Dan Hilf. He is tireless both in and out of the courtroom. He's creative and willing to do whatever is legally necessary on behalf of his clients".

Matthew says:

"Daniel Hilf's reputation and ability in the courtroom are second to none. I highly recommend his services when you are in need of an aggressive and skilled attorney".

Joe says:

"Dan, Thank you for taking care of my request promptly".

Justin says:

"Mr. Daniel Hilf gave us the utmost confidence, while at the same time being transparent about any risks that court may bring. His honesty was very much appreciated during a very confusing and trying time. Most importantly, he made himself available via phone, email and text to ensure that if we had any questions, they were not left unanswered. He said call anytime you have a question and he did respond quickly! We will undoubtedly recommend Mr. Hilf for any legal needs. He was very kind and asked if we minded him sitting with us until everything was completed. Thank you, Mr. Hilf!"

Mary says:

"To: Attorney Daniel Hilf. You're the world's best attorney. Rock star in my eyes. God bless you and family".