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3155 W Big Beaver Rd #123
Troy, Michigan 48084

In 2001 Sufen Hilf became licensed to practice in the State of Michigan, and has appeared on numerous occasions in Immigration Courts, Federal Courts, and USCIS district offices in Michigan and throughout the United States.

AILC Badge Sufen Hilf is admitted to the Federal 6th Circuit Court, the US District in Southeastern Michigan, and has been admitted pro hac vice to litigate before Federal Courts in other States. She is an active member of the Michigan chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), and serves as a local AILA committee member. She has regular contact with Immigration Judges and Court staff, hearing officers, ICE agents, CBP border agents, and government legislative officials such as Senator’s offices, when necessary to better represent her clients. Attorney Sufen Hilf’s clientele include: investors, professional athletes, business leaders, CEOs, corporations, managers, students, persons of exceptional ability, physicians, nurses, fiancés, spouses, families, nannies, religious workers (priests, imams, rabbis), laborers, documented aliens, undocumented aliens, and many others. She appeared with Attorney Daniel Hilf together on the “Street Beat” television program and was interviewed concerning Immigration and Naturalization law for the CW50 television network. On several occasions, she has lectured before and advised Chinese community members and leaders in Michigan concerning Immigration law issues. As a former native of mainland China, she fluently speaks Mandarin Chinese.

Sufen Hilf is a highly effective and respected Immigration lawyer. Unlike many Immigration lawyers, she has extensive experience in all areas of Immigration law. Among cases that she is qualified and exceptional in performing include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Employment-Based: B-1 (business visitors, nannies); R-1; H-1B; H-2B; E-1, E-2, and E-3; TN; L-1A; L-1B; J-1; O; P; Labor Certifications; EB-1; EB-2, EB-3, EB-4 and EB-5; I-9 Compliance.

  • Family-based: K-1; Family Petitions; I-130 Reinstatements; Special Juvenile Immigrants.

  • Removal Proceedings: Cancellation of Removal; Asylum; Bond Hearings; Abandonment of Permanent Residency Defense; Supervision with ICE.

  • Nationality and Naturalizations: Naturalization Applications; Derivative Citizenship; Automatic Acquisition of Citizenship; Passport Applications; Medical Waivers.

  • Waivers and Others: 212 H Waivers; I-192 Waivers; I-212 Waivers; 601 Waivers; 601A Waivers; DACA; CSPA Cases; VAWA; U Visas; S Visas; T Visa; F-1, M.

Sufen Hilf obtained her Juris Doctorate from Michigan State University in 2000. She also has received degrees from the following Universities: Guangzhou University of Foreign Languages, Wuhan University, and SUNY Buffalo. Attorney Sufen Hilf is a partner of the nationally and internationally recognized law firm of Hilf & Hilf, PLC.

“I am especially sensitive to the needs of my clients because I immigrated to this great country in 1988 and became a United States citizen in 2000. I take pride in every case, and my success is reflected in the number of referrals I receive from former clients, business owners, CEOs, and other attorneys”.